I Finally Saw That Insane Castle in Woodstock

I headed out to Woodstock for Memorial Day weekend to hang out with some friends by a lake, drink some beverages, and force my dog into a canoe. What I didn’t expect was to see the most eccentric residence to be built in Connecticut since Gillette’s Castle. I’m talking about a $45 million castle on 75 acres and a man made lake that’s been for sale for quite a while now.

Understated, right?

(Here’s the Realtor listing, just in case you’re in the market.)

I learned a lot from local gossip that I didn’t already know about this place. The entire 75 acres is fenced in, Jurassic Park-style, because the owner originally wanted to create some kind of refuge for exotic animals. The town was not having that, but it apparently wasn’t happy with most of what was going on over there at Chrismark Castle.

As we drove along Brickyard Road and the Jurassic Park fence, we could see some of the other strange items on the grounds. There were at least two fire trucks–apparently because the towers of the castle would be too tall for any of the town’s trucks to reach–what looked like a dump truck, and a big fighter jet. While there didn’t appear to be any dobermans (or velociraptors) patrolling the fence, the neighbors did have some adorable, loud dogs willing to guard the road.

Don’t get me wrong, this house isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but 75 fenced acres is hard to come by. When I win the Powerball, I may just buy this thing (assuming it comes with the fire trucks). I mean, who could walk away from eastern Connecticut’s answer to Cinderella’s Castle?