Fist Fight: Hartford vs. East Hartford


On Saturday I found myself at an amateur boxing match in a Springfield hotel. I could explain how I got there, but that would take too long. Suffice it to say, I was cheering on one of the Farmer’s old friends. You should also know that I kind of love sanctioned physical violence. We live in a world where you so often find yourself just wanting to punch someone, and having to restrain yourself because it isn’t polite. So whenever a couple of hockey players decide to throw off the gloves and start pounding each other, I cheer. And when I get to watch regular joes don some headgear and punch each other repeatedly, I LOVE IT!

Still, I didn’t know what to expect… I’ve never been to an amateur boxing match before. There were scantily clad ring girls courtesy of the local “gentlemen’s” club as well as badass chicks who can give and take a punch. After several IMG_0379close bouts and split decisions, I had resigned myself to thinking that there wasn’t going to be too much action on the amateur circuit. Then the super heavy weights came out and one got knocked flat on his tushie–and eventually lost when the ref called a TKO. A couple more TKOs came through the ring, mostly at the hands of the fighters from Lewiston, Maine who clearly box bears in their spare time because they weren’t even tired after wiping the floors with their opponents.

But the important part is that there were lots of Connecticut boxers–mostly from Hartford, Bridgeport, and the East Beat’s Bare Bones Boxing. I found myself conflicted when a woman from Hartford and a woman from East Hartford (pictured) found themselves beating the bejesus out of each other to finally the answer the question, “Which city is more badass?”

IMG_0380Well, as it turns out, Hartford is… though it was a split decision, so the East Beat still has a chance to establish its dominance. On a side note: Don’t ever pick a fight with anyone from Bridgeport. They are almost as terrifying as the guys from Maine.

There was booze and food available. I was mostly just interested in blood sport so I can’t really say much about the amenities–though the Farmer bought some fries and they were surprisingly good. Tickets cost $20 ($25 at the door) and there were about 15 fights. We left before the night was over, because we are old and my eyes start shutting down at 11 p.m. and if I’m not in bed by the time they close up shop, I just have to lay down where ever I am and go to sleep. But if an amateur boxing event comes through your town, I highly suggest attending. It’s good, clean, bloody fun.