Dognapping Drama in Hartford

Nothing strikes fear into my heart like the term “dognapping”! So when WNPR’s breakout star, Chion Wolf, posted on Facebook about someone dognapping Hartford-area resident Stretch, my blood ran cold.


Stretch was allegedly stolen by the dogsitter of all people. I should take a moment to point out that I am currently dogsitting a dog that looks a lot like Stretch (but who is not Stretch) and I will return her to her rightful owner (against the dog’s wishes…she totes loves me) on Saturday. That is what good dogsitters do.

Not Stretch. Also, far too scared of people to be dognappabled by anyone other than me.

According to the comments on Chion’s post, Stretch’s dognappers have been spotted downtown. A woman and her little girls claim to have just gotten back their Shepherd mix. Gotten back? WTF? Is Mom trying to convince her kids that Stretch is their missing/dead dog? I’m very curious to know what this is about.

But what I really want to know is when are Stretch’s owners breaking into the thief’s house and taking their dog back? That’s what I would do. Or I’d send one of the many people I know who are much scarier than I am over to steal Stretch back and/or intimidate the dogsitter–and then I’d give the so-called dogsitter a very bad Yelp! review. But I am straight gangsta’ so…ya know…

Anyway, if you see Stretch report it to the police or Animal Control. And go get your own dog microchipped so that if anyone steals her, you have more than just registration tags to go by.