Put Your Zip Code to the Test

You know we love maps and what they can tell us about ourselves. We have now found the ultimate in map-related personality tools. If you head over to Esri.com you can put in your zip code and find out a bunch of, probably accurate, stuff about yourself–or at least the majority of people in your neighborhood. For instance, if you live in Hartford’s West End your hood is made up of 25% “Social Security Set”, 22% “Set to Impress”, and 18% “Fresh Ambitions.” What does any of that mean? Have a look:

west endConversely, if you live in Glastonbury, you live among “Savvy Suburbanites” (which sounds like a borderline insult), people with “Professional Pride” (which are the people who “prospered during the Great Recession” and are therefore probably criminals) and the “In Style” (who are basically Yuppies, without actually being urban). Click on the maps for more info:


After looking at my own zip code, I’ve decided I recognize many of these people…but don’t actually belong to any of the groups. This is because I’m a trendsetter.