Nobody Puts Stonington in a Corner

There are a lot of movie references to be made about this story coming out of Stonington:

Stonington High School has instituted a new policy beginning with Saturday’s homecoming dance that prohibits ‘grinding and other forms of inappropriate dancing and touching.'”

I was always more of a Dirty Dancing girl than a Footloose girl, so we’re going to stick with the Baby Houseman/Johnny Castle-themed references. Actually, I’d rather watch that movie for the 3,000th time than think much more about anything going on in a high school gym in Stonington, so…

She carried a watermelon… It gets me every time.

Back to Stonington. Apparently some kids are afraid to come to dances because of “inappropriate” dancing. Clearly those kids have been sheltered from Patrick Swayze at his finest and don’t understand the fine art of dirty dancing. They don’t know that you can start out stiff and uptight like Baby, and become a dancing machine by the end of the summer thanks to the strong arms and gyrating pelvis of Johnny. Plenty of old soul and motown music is also helpful to get your groove on… but you can skip the back alley abortion. Whatever you do, don’t forget about your goddamn Spaghetti arms!

If you fellas out there are laboring under the very false assumption that dancing makes you less of a man, here’s some sweet Road House and Point Break action. (The inclusion of these slightly superfluous clips have nothing to do with how much I love Swayze [and Sam Elliot and Gary Busey].)