#NotAllHuskies (But I Want Some of that Mac-n-Cheese)

First, let’s get our biases out of the way: We are UConn graduates. In fact, a couple years ago the AP and I went to see a play at Jorgensen, and stopped by the student union for dinner. We were amazed by the building’s transformation, because it was basically a dark hole of despair when we were there. There was a video rental place (yeah, it was that long ago), a commuter student lounge, and a roof that encouraged me to pass through on rainy days. We can honestly say that something like this would not have happened when we were there, because the only food was Jonathan’s and it basically just piles of fried crap.

To be honest, I haven’t watched this the whole way through. Belligerent drunks bore me, especially if I can’t throw things at them for my own entertainment. It also makes me mad that people like this exist, and they will inevitably make more money than I ever will because they are willing to do the kind of work that would kill my soul.

And while any large state school has its share of jerks with drinking problems, we would like you to know that #NotAllHuskies are tools. Some of us even had to do work-study in the kinds of establishments mac-n-cheese bro seems to think he owns. Here’s to hoping drug and alcohol counseling is in his future.