The Nutmegger’s Guide to Gilmore Girls

Last night my Facebook feed filled with something that brought pure, unadulterated joy to my life: News broke that Netflix will be bringing Gilmore Girls back. Sort of.

After I scraped myself off the floor–yes, I passed out–I started thinking about what fortuitous timing this was. A couple weeks back, I started listening to the Gilmore Guys podcast. My world is sad and cold without new antics from the Stars Hollow crew to warm up my cold, autumn nights. But hearing the guys talk about the show helped me see it through new eyes…including all the stuff that either a) people don’t understand about Connecticut b) the show got wrong about Connecticut. So, before Amy Sherman Palladino gets to give the show the end it deserved, we need to have a little chat. (Also, maybe we can help out anyone looking for The Gilmore Girls Experience.)

First, let me answer some of the questions the Gilmore Guys have raised:

  • Diversity — The world of Stars Hollow is pretty white, with few exceptions. This may seem like an oversight, but if you’ve ever been to any of the Litchfield County towns that Stars Hollow could be, you’ll know darker faces are few and far between. The rest of Connecticut is not necessarily like this, but we’ll get to that when we talk about the depiction of Hartford/New Haven.
  • Why is Luke So Grumpy — It’s hard for the Texan-born/California-based Gilmore Guys to understand, but in Connecticut Luke is pretty much the norm. This is the land of Steady Habits. We do not enjoy frivolity, or whimsy. It’s too cold for that shit.
  • Why Would Loralei Even Like Luke — This isn’t specific to Connecticut, but we felt it needs to be addressed. Opposites attract. Also, when a grumpy dude likes you, it’s like winning the affection of a cat who hates everyone else. Plus, he’s a solid dude who cares about her and walks the fine line between indulging her nonsense, and shutting it down…which she needs. And he needs someone that’s kind of bonkers to pull him out of his shell.

OK, now let’s get down to real talk:

  • Pronouncing New Haven — A real Connecticutian does not put the emphasis on “New.” Think “New-HAV-en.” Jus’ sayin’.
  • Your Map is Off — I want to live in Stars Hollow. Partly because it’s a charming town filled with quirky weirdos. And partly because it is somehow magically near everything. Despite being located in the Litchfield Hills it is half an hour from Hartford, New Haven, Boston, Stamford, New York, and probably a bunch of other towns I don’t remember. How convenient! I know someone who lives in that area. It takes me over an hour to get there from Hartford. They might as well live in another state…
  • Hartford is Not Full of Rich White People — There are a few streets that are still bastions of old-money waspiness, but for the most part the country club set has left Hartford. So I’d like to commend Richard and Emily Gilmore for sticking it out.
  • There is No Record Store — Hartford (especially early 2000s Hartford) does not have a record store where Rory can go buy new releases for Lane. However, in the revival, we would like to see the Girls sporting some Hartford Prints gear. (They’ve got a Rory of their own!)
  • New Haven is Not a Dump — In the Gilmore world New Haven is basically a dump. Luke seems thoroughly disgusted by it. And when Paris and Rory live off-campus they end up with multiple locks on their door and a “doo wop group” hanging out on their stoop. New Haven certainly has its crappy parts of town, but it’s basically a pretty nice city/college town with plenty of places for broke undergrads to live — and Yale would have student housing available for all four years of school.
  • Where the Hell Was Loralei Going to School — In the early seasons of GG, Loralei is attending business school at night at a community college in Hartford. There would have been many community colleges closer to her, as well and some state schools — like Western Connecticut State University.
  • The Daughters of the American Revolution is Not a Big Deal Here — They exist, sure, but when you look at a list of their membership, it’s not comprised of the upper echelon of Hartford Society. Asian Persuasion should know. She works with most of them. We are sure they are nice ladies, but most of Hartford Society is Jewish.
  • There is No Prep School like Chilton in Hartford — There is Watkinson, but it’s more a of an independent school, not the rigorous academic grindstone that Chilton is. Don’t worry, the rest of the state is still riddled with competitive private schools with high tuition.
  • It’s Not “Southern Connecticut State” that Dean Gets Into — There is a Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, but no Nutmegger would ever call it that. It’s “Southern” to anyone from here. Also, living in Stars Hollow and attending Southern (which is in New Haven) would have been a nightmare. See “Your Map is Off” if you’re wondering why.
  • You’re Referring to Our Highways Incorrectly — It’s not “the I-84” but “84”. That is all.
  • We Don’t Have Shakey’s Here — or a lot of other fast food restaurants that exist in the rest of the country.

Amy Sherman Palladino, if you’re in need of a Connecticut Consultant or two, call us. We’re basically already Rory and Lane anyway.