Hartford is Bad for Yoga Instructors or Something

GET OUT OF THE ROAD! (Matt Madd, Flickr Creative Commons)

GET OUT OF THE ROAD! (Matt Madd, Flickr Creative Commons)

I never really trust any of these “Best Cities for…” lists, but I’m choosing to believe that Hartford is, in fact, the third worst metro-area for yoga instructors. I like yoga as much as the next person. I enjoy stretching and relaxing, and trying not to make any embarrassing noises . But this study confuses me in a way that I find entirely unpleasant. 

Apparently, the price of Yoga in Hartford is low at $41.92 for a private yoga session. Who is buying those? I headed over the the Downtown Yoga site to see what yoga will cost a normal Hartford resident. Ten classes will run you $125 — or $12.50 per class. Three months of unlimited access will cost you $200. That may not seem like much, but when you consider that you could go join a gym–with yoga and other classes–for way less, that doesn’t seem like the best deal.

Apparently, the “market opportunity index” is also low. I can’t quite figure out if that means we already have too many yoga instructors, or we don’t have that many and we don’t want any more. You’re gonna have to figure that one out for  yourself.

Anyway, the bottom line is that if you are making big life choices about your career path in the Hartford area, yoga instructor is probably not a good choice.