Glastonbury Beefcakes Get Fired

We need to apologize. Somehow we missed last week’s story about a bunch of half-naked Glastonbury dudes on a calendar. This is more embarrassing because I’d actually seen ads for this things around for months and I basically put it out of my head. I pictured guys with dad bods posing next to their BMW SUVs and my eyes glazed over. Turns out, it looks more like this:

gbury cal

Setting aside the fact that they forced a child into this Full Monty-esque calendar, this is pretty genius. I can’t think of anything more boring than the Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce — which this calendar is raising money for — but throw some hot naked dudes in the mix and I AM IN!

Coldwell Banker is on the wrong side of history and cut it’s ties with the four adult men in this photo — no word on whether or not they are still employing the small child — and so I can only hope these guys are joining forces to start Beefcake Realty, which will cater to women who are recently divorced.

Bonus Tip: Buy this for all the women in your life as a Christmas present.