New Haven Night Club Sleeps with the Fish

It isn’t often that I decide I want to get dressed up, haul myself out into the night, and hang out in a crowded club packed with people in shiny clothes and pointy shoes. But when I do, I usually say to myself, “I’d really like to kill two birds with one stone tonight, and get roofied while shopping for a clown fish!” Luckily, I live in Connecticut where one can seamlessly combine your interest in dancing with your interest in exotic fish….or at least you could until this weekend. (Thanks Obama!)

According to, “Police busted an illegal night club at a former exotic fish and pet store in New Haven early Saturday morning.”

Sadly, I no longer know where I can go to see beta fish fight and see two grown ass women in clothes from Forever 21 fight over one man without a job. I guess I’ll just have to go back to sitting on my couch and watching Switched At Birth all weekend.