Hartford to Be Overrun With Strays

sherry_dog_0_1462370191You may have heard that the state (and the city of Hartford) are in dire financial straits. That’s meant a lot of layoffs, including two Animal Control Officers. If you follow our Facebook page you’ve probably noticed that we post a lot of dogs from the Hartford pound–most of whom make it out alive thanks to Sherry DeGenova and her work with local rescues and social networking.

I understand the city has to make some hard choices, but ACOs are incredibly important in cities–mostly because people are irresponsible jerkwads who refuse to spay and neuter their pets, and don’t someone had to clean up after them. So, if you want to be able to go to the XL Center for a Bruce Springsteen concert without being attacked by a stray pack of Chihuahuas, you should probably help support Hartford’s hardworking ACOs.

Learn how you can help here.