Comedy Scenes from a Mall: A Trip to the Funny Bone Hartford

Comedy Central Creative Arts Emmy PartyLast Thursday something popped up in my Facebook feed: Kurt Metzger was going to be at the Hartford Funny Bone (which is actually the Manchester Funny Bone) over Labor Day weekend. I sent The Farmer a text telling him that I was buying tickets, because I didn’t want to wait for his opinion on the matter and risk the shows selling out.

If you don’t know who Kurt Metzger is then you either don’t pay attention to outraged lady bloggers, or just don’t like comedy. But whatever the hell is going on with you and your lack of appreciation for comedy, Metzger cracks me up. I’ve even endorsed his podcast with the equally hilarious Sherrod Small on The Colin McEnroe Show. I’m hoping they’ll bring the Race Wars tour to Hartford as well. If you aren’t familiar here’s a taste:

The show was as funny as I expected it to be, and I have a new appreciation for the fact that we have a decent comedy club right here in CT. A very tan, very blonde woman in the front row made the mistake of telling Metzger he was going to Hell. Clearly she doesn’t know much about the former Jehovah’s Witness who gleefully went off on a Bible-inspired bit about Lot offering his daughters up to the horny Sodomites who came to rape the angels staying at his house.

But Metzger is a successful comedian, and he doesn’t need publicity from us. There was, however, a kid who opened and hosted the show that I spent most of my holiday weekend trying to track down via Google searches to no avail. Luckily I had the foresight to follow Metzger on Facebook many months ago, and when the feature comic–Sheba Mason–tagged him in a photo, Connecticut’s own Andrew Manning was also tagged in the photo.

Manning doesn’t look old enough to vote, but he had the cajones to get up on stage and even though he’s obviously still starting out, the kid was funny. He genuinely made The Farmer and I laugh. His social media presence is pretty sparse, and I can’t track down any videos, but keep an eye out for this kid.

Anyway, there are some things you should know about visiting the Funny Bone if you’ve never been there before:

  1. I was expecting there to be an external entrance, considering the place has shows that start at 10 p.m., but I was wrong. You have to enter near Panera. Weird.
  2. Don’t order the bread pudding. Mine was hard as a rock.
  3. For reasons I still don’t understand, we were sat at a table with strangers–in a half empty club. This was even more confounding because the “table” was actually two small tables that could be easily separated. If you don’t like other people, beware.

All that being said, be sure to go support the Funny Bone. Having comedy close to home is a blessing.