Women March on Hartford

Okay, so technically it wasn’t a march, it was more of a rally. Nonetheless, it was impressive. After spending The Farmer’s birthday ignoring anything else that might have happened on that day–and reminding those that joined us around the bonfire that they were not allowed to talk of such things–we suited up for a protest. For me, that meant choosing between t-shirts and then strapping on my hiking boots.


Ultimately I went with the pink one–it stands out more. But then we needed to make signs. We weren’t prepared for that. We slept in after a late night of drinking beer around the fire, and ended up having to scavenge cardboard from the kindling pile. The hard part about making protest signs is deciding which slogan to go with. Do you want to be earnest? Funny? Angry? Do you want to be original or just piggy back on the many others already in circulation? I decided the most important thing was making the PrissyBitch laugh. This is what we came up with:


WordPress insists on reorienting this… I blame the FBI.

If you know me, you can probably guess which sign is mine. But even snarky ol’ me teared up at the sight of the crowd gathering on the lawn in front of the Capitol. Honestly, I could not have be been more proud of my fellow Nutmeggers as they turned out in droves to support women and remind our new President that we’re still here–and contrary to “alternative facts” that his team has offered, most of us did not vote for him. He lost the popular vote by a wider margin than any other President, and protesters have shown across the country–and the globe–up by the millions to remind him of that fact.

Just in case you haven’t already had enough of protest pictures, here are a few that I took:


You never know what might happen when girls start climbing trees.


Still early, before the speakers came out.


Lookin’ good, Hartford.

We moved down the hill in search of friends just before the speeches began and as such we couldn’t hear much–the PA system was wonky, and if you didn’t project your voice, the people at the back could not hear you. So eventually we decided to beat the traffic, and go get lunch at Tangiers. I’ve been dreaming of a lamb gyro for months. It seemed like a perfectly good way to protest Trump–support a small business, specializing in Middle Eastern food, and run by a family that helps support refugees in the area. (Though I don’t blame the folks who headed over to Bear’s Smokehouse Barbecue, which was offering a discount to rally-goers.)

Of course, we’ve got four more years of showing up! That means we have to stop infighting, and bickering over the small stuff and concentrate on the big picture. And always remember, social media is a powerful tool (I make it a rule to call out @realdonaldtrump on Twitter at least a couple of time a days) but it is not action. And if you’re most on Facebook or Tumblr, chances are you’re just preaching to the choir. So, it’s time to get motivated. If you can’t march, volunteer. And VOTE IN THE MIDTERMS! Whatever you do, get involved.

Download your Indivisble Guide, and turn the Tea Party’s tactics around on them. Also, start following @IndivisibleConn on Twitter to keep up with latest happenings. You can also check out the Hartford Women’s March Facebook page for ongoing updates.