We Literally Swear to Tell the Truth

people-who-use-a-lot-of-swear-wordsFor reasons I can only assume have to do with our current President, researchers are suddenly interested in how profanity relates to honesty. As such, researchers have found that Nutmeggers swear more than the rest of America, and we also have more integrity than our fellow citizens. This should be good news for Governor Porcupine, who could make a sailor blush.

How would anyone measure this, you ask? Facebook!

Researchers analyzed the statuses of 73,789 Facebook users who use the English version on the website and looked at how often each person used swear words in their Facebook statuses.

Then they looked at The State Integrity Investigation 2012, and wouldn’t you know, the states that swore a lot, were also pretty ethical. If you live in Georgia, Wyoming, or South Dakota you aren’t likely to be assaulted with a profanity laced diatribe, but apparently you will get stabbed in the back.

If you’re struggling to understand any of this, think of it this way: Are you ever more honest than when you’re pissed off and cursing a blue streak? I think not.