Canton Students Need a Lesson in Human Decency

cant-unsee-funny-donald-trump-meme-picture-for-whatsappYou may have seen an article in The Hartford Courant detailing the behavior of a bunch of teenage turds from Canton. Here’s the gist:

Kids from Canton chanted “Trump! Trump!”(and even made signs) during a basketball game at their opponents from Classical Magnet School.

I’m not sure I can think of a lamer, less creative chant to use on your opponents, but hey, what can you expect from Trump fans?

One might rush to associate this kind of incident with the sentient cheese doodle we elected President and the outburst of racist a-holery that has swept the country since then. You’d be partially, kinda, sorta wrong, though. 

You see, I’m 35-years-old, and when I was in high school I attended exactly one hockey game (our team won the State Championships that year and I got talked into pretending I cared). And the privileged windbags I’d been going to school with (and mostly despising) for 12 years, chanted “You’re on welfare!” at the other team. This made no sense, as any school with a hockey team probably has a fairly hefty portion of privileged windbags in their own bleachers.

And The Courant reminded us:

 It’s not the first time that suburban students have taunted Hartford student-athletes — last March, Farmington was in the spotlight when fans in that high school’s student section chanted “SAT scores” during a playoff girls’ basketball game against Capital Prep, another city magnet school.

Teenagers have always, on average, been jerks. The optics are different in this Canton incident (and that one between Farmington and Capital Prep). We’re talking about suburban, mostly white kids chanting the name of a racist, mysoginist, xenophobic wig on a stick with an army at his disposal, at a team of mostly black and latino kids. And in our current political climate, that is way scarier than it was when my beer-bloated classmates were chanting their nonsense at other suburban white kids.

At the time, our principal ran around scolding anyone who was being a jerk. The administration in Canton had a much more organized reaction. According to The Courant:

On Wednesday, Canton High convened the entire student body for an assembly to discuss what happened. DiPippo said the students who chanted during the game have been “spoken to directly,” although Case declined to say whether the district planned to take any disciplinary action against the students. The school is still investigating the incident, Case said.

I’m heartened by the school’s response. Taunting the other team is nothing new, but kids are stupid–and, often, their parents are too. If someone lectured me every time I yelled “Yankees suck!” I wouldn’t have time for anything else. But when your student body takes it upon themselves to invoke the name of a bigot against kids who may be directly impacted by that guy’s policies and rhetoric, it’s time to sit down and have a talk about not being a dick.

If you’re a Canton High School student tempted to prove how cool and d-baggy you are during a game, take a lesson from soccer fans and be a little more creative. They are undeniably cooler and more organized than you are, and they are all verging on alcohol poisoning. And I guarantee if you all broke out into a song, that guy would have missed his foul shot and you may have actually won the game: