3 Local Men Charged in Sex Trafficking Ring


Stay the F away from these dudes. L to R: Bemer, Trefzger, King

For as long as I can remember, my Nana had a propane tank behind the house that powered her dryer. After my grandfather died, the job of taking the propane payment up the street to the distributor’s office fell to random family members. So we were all a little unnerved when we found out that the man who owns the company was recently arrested in relation to human trafficking. 

According to The Hartford Courant:

“Bruce J. Bemer, 63, of Glastonbury and William Trefzger, 71, of Westport were arraigned Thursday in Superior Court in Danbury after they were charged with patronizing a trafficked person, police said.

Bemer owns the New London-Waterford Speedbowl and Bemer Petroleum Corp., 210 Commerce St., in Glastonbury. He admitted to investigators that he had been paying “boys” for sex for up to a quarter of a century, according to court documents.

Robert King of Danbury was previously arrested in connection with the ring and charged with promoting prostitution and tampering with a witness, police said. The ring, which operated out of Danbury, reached other towns and cities, they said.”

This isn’t the first time Connecticut has made waves in trafficking world. The Berlin Turnpike–which we all knows for its chain restaurants, obnoxious teenagers in fast cars, and seedy motels–has a whole book devoted to its depressing part in this particular problem.

However, we often hear about sex trafficking in regards to young girls, and this case departs from the terrifying “norm” there. These men were trading in mentally ill young men, and–like all pieces of human garbage–relied on drugs to make the boys desperate and compliant.

The thing I’m left wondering is how many more people are involved in this?

You can check in with WNPR to learn more about the problem of sex trafficking in CT.

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