411 on The CuT

We’ve all heard it; young people are leaving Connecticut in droves. They’re bored and employment opportunities are limited. If you don’t love semi-pro hockey and work in insurance, Connecticut may seem like a wasteland to you. But folks, we’ve been to the top of the mountain, and we’ve seen into the valley called Manhattan – so it was an island on the other side of the mountain, sue me – but we came back because the truth is, Connecticut isn’t so bad, if you know where to look. And The CuT is here to prove it.

We love Connecticut like you might love your annoying sister, who you make fun of all the time, but defend whenever anyone else calls her virtues into question. Mostly, we figure you can’t complain if you aren’t going to do anything to help the situation. So, we bring you The CuT, an online “magazine” written by the young people of Connecticut, for the young people of the Connecticut. We hope to be irreverent, topical and show the world what Connecticut has to offer – and to do it with a self-depreciating sense of humor.

Contact Us: thecutmag@gmail.com


  1. I think this is a good idea! We should have somthing to bring us together besides the bars downtown and our facebook pages! Let’s start using our minds people!


  2. I tweeted on The Cut’s behalf. You’re welcome. I like the idea. Live long and prosper. Also, though, Be sure to report the Who What When Where and sometimes Why in great detail. Too many news sources miss the basics, then force me to google excessively. I gotcho back tho my fool child. Party on!


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