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Election Day in Connecticut: Live Blog


It’s been an especially long election cycle this time around. And we’ve spent more hours than we would like to admit racked with anxiety about the possibility that a flaming turd that happens to resemble a human man could actually be elected to the most powerful office in the world. The sheer lunacy of it proves that a lot of people in this country cannot handle their right to vote.

And please don’t even bother coming at us with your anti-Hillary nonsense. Here are a few reasons why whatever nonsense you’re about to spew is wrong:

But today is about the election and our right/responsibility as citizens to vote. We’ll be checking in throughout the day to tell you about our experience at the polls, and the anxieties that overtake us as the results roll in.  (more…)


Doomsday Prepping for Juno

As we all know10428028_10152504751131256_7315380781291982804_n from elementary school, Juno is a Roman Goddess in an incestuous relationship with Saturn. So it’s no wonder that this first real snowstorm of the season is named after this formidable female.

Since we’ve all been receiving warnings from CL&P about how losing power is a “when”, not an “if”, we realized that live blogging this snowshitstorm would probably not be possible. Unlike the brainiacs at CL&P, we realize that if you lose power, you can’t use your home computer. This fact seems to have escaped our electricity providers, as they give your home computer as an option for reporting a power outage via their website. This doesn’t seem to bode well for us as customers.

Since we like to purport ourselves as experts, we thought we’d share our preparations for the impending whiteness. (more…)

Add Some Nutmeg to Your Holiday with These Local Events

If anyone tells me there’s nothing to do in Connecticut this holiday season, they are going to get a big fistful of “shut the hell up, you idiot”. But, to make it easy for you, we’ve compiled some great happenings for just about every budget and level of Scroogery.

Obviously, you should gift local. That’s a whole thing of it’s ownBut, get out there and check out everything Connecticut has to offer for the holidays. These are just some of our favorites.

Mystic Seaport’s Lantern Light Tours are a theatrical production running now until December 27th, based on the twelve days of Christmas and guaranteed to be hilarious as this year’s production was written by Jacques Lamarre. Rumor has it that a horse met its maker this past weekend.

We know you’ve done Nutcracker to death, but have you ever checked out CONNetic Dance’s Suite & Spicy Nutcracker? It’s seriously more awesome than any other Nutcracker you can fathom. We’re talking ugly sweater parties, tap, jazz, hip hop, and more. It also benefits from a seriously good looking cast and company. (more…)

Doing Good in the Nutmeg State: The Holiday 2014 Edition

Don’t give this crap.

You’ve got a lot to do during the holiday season, and if you’re anything like me, you have a TON of people to buy gifts for. Supporting local organizations, businesses, and more will do a hell of a lot more for your holiday karma than shopping at the big box stores. You may also save what precious sanity you have left! As always, we have ideas

Give a membership to a local organization.

I’m not talking the Elks Club (what do elks do?). I mean a membership to the New Britain Museum of Art for the art lover, The Mark Twain House & Museum for the reader or writer, Beardsley Zoo or Mystic Aquarium for the animal lover. If the animal lovers in your life have a problem with zoos and aquariums, then donate to a local rescue or shelter in their name (CT Humane Society, Our Companions, and Protectors of Animals are all good choices). Have an entire family to buy for? Go for the Lutz Museum or the CT Science Center. You get the idea. It’s one of those gifts that keeps giving all year long. (more…)

Two Wrasslin’ Cats in East Haddam

Last week was The Pilot’s and my anniversary. We decided to ditch the kid, take the day off and celebrate. It was pouring rain for most of the day but we decided to go on an adventure anyway. Our travels took us to East Haddam and Two Wrasslin’ Cats which purports itself to be a coffeehouse, art gallery, and cafe. We decided to try it for lunch as those Yelpers gave it good reviews.

photo 2(1)The atmosphere was lovely–bright and warm, with happy colors, tchotchkes, eclectic furniture, exposed wood beams, and fireplaces. There were side rooms where you could curl up with a coffee and a book if you wanted as well. The art was sort of what you would expect–nothing outlandish or revolutionary but colorful and what your eccentric aunt might create. However, I did not actually see two cats wrasslin, which was disappointing. (more…)

My Boyfriends Are All At Tangiers

Yes, it’s true. My boyfriends are all at Tangiers. They are not my boyfriends just because they are good looking, well groomed, nice, friendly men (they are), but because they make me delicious food. Ever since Tangiers Market moved to its new location on Farmington Ave. across from Tisane, they’ve been five minutes closer to my office. That five minutes has made all the difference.

The new location is no fancier than the old location, but it seems bigger and brighter. It’s always incredibly clean and well stocked with products from the Middle East and Mediterranean. Think dates and figs, Greek cheeses, falafel, couscous, olive oils, and delicious desserts. They even have bread from the Hartford Baking Company. (more…)

Hospitals Can Be Good Places…Sort Of

As Colin McEnroe likes to remind us, we are rapidly aging. This is true. As part of this aging process, I had a baby in February and dammit, it was one hell of an adventure. However, we would not have gotten through it without Hartford Hospital and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CCMC). Let’s be honest, hospitals are genuinely crappy places and no one wants to be in one. However, I want to share my great experiences because I feel extremely fortunate.

Broken ankle, pregnant belly

Broken ankle, pregnant belly

Back in January, I slipped on ice in a parking lot and fell while I was six months pregnant. I know, totally brilliant. I went to the Hartford Hospital Emergency Room where I was given amazing care. There was no delay getting me in a room to check the baby, who was, mercifully, fine.

I had to go through a bunch of x-rays and the techs were not only happy and hilarious but they took so much care to pile lots of heavy gown things on me to make sure that the baby didn’t get radiated. While we were there for several hours, the staff was remarkable. Comforting, upbeat, and professional. There was a really irate, demanding and seemingly impossible older woman in the room next to ours that kept yelling out and screaming at nurses and patient assistants. I think we even heard a racial slur against one, but even then, staff maintained their cool.

Chill Over Hillary and UConn Already

Call it poor timing. This week’s hullabaloo around Hillary Clinton’s speaking fee for an April appearance at UConn is unfortunate in light of tuition increases. It also has me wanting to sit you all down and give you a lesson in Fundraising 101. So sit down…

Yes, $250,000 is a ton of money, but it’s the going rate for a Clinton. Actually, I’m sort of hoping Hillary gets more than Bill because of that whole glass ceiling thing. It’s called a speaking fee. Just about every famous person has one, unless they are donating their appearance.

This brings us to donations. Donations can be categorized as “unrestricted” and “restricted.” As you might guess, unrestricted funds can be used for whatever the organization deems necessary from paying for programs to salaries to fixing the toilet. These dollars are the most helpful and what most people give. (more…)