Luke’s Diner Comes to Hartford

I’m not sure what the height of stupidity is. Donald Trump will figure it out soon. But I’m pretty sure what I did this morning ranks pretty high (or is it low?) on the Scale of Dumb Shit. And I did it all for the Gilmore Girls.


If you’re on social media, you probably heard that Netflix–in all of its sheer marketing genius–decided to celebrate the “anniversary” of Gilmore Girls by turning coffee shops across America into Luke’s Diner on October 5. And if you showed up early, you got free coffee!  (more…)

What To Do This Weekend: June 11-14


Flickr Creative Commons, UConn Libraries Magic

Our job as your social director was made easier this week by WNPR’s Chion Wolf, who posted her own list of things to do this week. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we figured we’d just steal from her. We also decided to post a little early this week because of the first event on our list…

What To Do This Weekend: June 5-7

Flickr Creative Commons, Shannon McNeice

Flickr Creative Commons, Shannon McNeice

We took a couple of weeks off from trying to control your weekend plans, but our inner drill sergeants have reared their heads and we are back to our old ways. After three days of rain, we’re sure you’re dying to get outside, so here are some suggestions:

What To Do This Weekend: May 15-17

UConn Libraries MAGIC, Flickr Creative Commons

UConn Libraries MAGIC, Flickr Creative Commons

It’s planting time. It’s also tag sale time, and book sale time. In other words, we’ve got a lot on our plates this weekend. Here’s what you should do if you don’t have any ideas of your own.

What to Do This Weekend: May 8-10

By Miami U. Libraries – Digital Collections [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

It’s Mother’s Day so you’ll either be doing your duty as a child, being mildly disappointed as a mother, or just avoiding it altogether because you have an angsty relationship with your mother. So here are some things to do for Mother’s Day or in avoidance of it.