Hartford Has It: Fitness in the Park

Do you think exercising in an air conditioned gym is for wimps? Me too. That’s why I’m thankful Riverfront Recapture has brought fitness classes to Mortensen Riverfront Plaza. Whether you’re into yoga, or something a bit more strenuous, I highly suggest skipping happy hour and getting your jiggly ass (I’m just guessing…) down to the park to partake in what Hartford has to offer.

IMG_1955 (more…)

How I (Almost) Killed Miss Patty


Newbury Place, a super cute little shop

By virtue of some sort of miracle–or serious mistake that will cost someone their job–we managed to get press passes to the event of the season: The Gilmore Girls Fan Fest. While we were absolutely sure this festival was a work of literal genius, we didn’t know what to expect–especially when the notorious New England weather went from sunny and 80 degrees to rainy and cold, just in time for the festival. Nonetheless, the AP and I dragged ourselves out of bed early on Saturday morning, loaded into one of our beloved Subarus, and headed out to Washington Depot.

It took us a while to figure out the lay of the land, find “the old town garage”–otherwise known as a dirt lot–where we were supposed to park, and the press check-in area. But once we got our wits about us, we were off to the races. Most of the action was located in the town’s small center, where the sweet little Hickory Stick bookshop, Marty’s Cafe, Newbury Place, and the Washington Food Market account for most of the action. But on this particular day, there were local merchants handing out hot cider, food trucks, and big white tents housing screenings, animal adoption events, and knit-a-thons (which will make sense to Gilmore fans). (more…)

Gilmore Girls Fan Fest: Coming this Fall



Actually, if you don’t already have tickets, you’re kinda SOL because it’s already sold out (I’m sure there’s already a thriving underground scalping ring specifically for these tickets…and it’s run by Kirk) but that doesn’t dampen my excitement in the least, because bringing the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest to the town that started it all is Paris Gellar-level fabulous! (more…)

Glastonbury Beefcakes Get Fired

We need to apologize. Somehow we missed last week’s story about a bunch of half-naked Glastonbury dudes on a calendar. This is more embarrassing because I’d actually seen ads for this things around for months and I basically put it out of my head. I pictured guys with dad bods posing next to their BMW SUVs and my eyes glazed over. Turns out, it looks more like this:

gbury cal

Setting aside the fact that they forced a child into this Full Monty-esque calendar, this is pretty genius. I can’t think of anything more boring than the Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce — which this calendar is raising money for — but throw some hot naked dudes in the mix and I AM IN! (more…)

The Lazy Interviewer: Carolyn Paine

The Lazy Interviewer is back and barely paying attention to an interview with Hartford’s own Carolyn Paine. You may know her from CONNetic Dance, The Colin McEnroe Show, or the Whole Foods hot bar. We caught up with her during her last week of rehearsals for The Nutcracker Suite & Spicy, which you should definitely be going to and opens on Friday night.