Beverly Hills Suites

Swingers Get More People in Trouble

All this “swingers news” coming out of the Beverly Hills Suites has been a boon for our blog stats, so we have to say, we were a little happy to see more arrests being made, if only so we might hit 5,000 hits before the end of the week.

David Shadowfax, 49, of 14 Squires Road in Madison was charged with criminal liability to commit obscenity and criminal liability to commit public indecency, Capt. Chester DeGray said.

Also arrested was Shadowfax’s assistant – his wife. Tania Shadowfax, 37, of the same address was arrested on the same charges, he said. (more…)


“Swingin’ Good Time” Leads to Arrests

(Jim Michaud/Journal Inquirer)

A bunch of  middle-aged men got arrested in connection with a “swingers” party at Club 91 at the Beverly Hills Suites in Windsor Locks, where people were said to not only have smoked inside a public building, but engaged in sex acts, and were nude.

*Shudder* (more…)