Canton Students Need a Lesson in Human Decency

cant-unsee-funny-donald-trump-meme-picture-for-whatsappYou may have seen an article in The Hartford Courant detailing the behavior of a bunch of teenage turds from Canton. Here’s the gist:

Kids from Canton chanted “Trump! Trump!”(and even made signs) during a basketball game at their opponents from Classical Magnet School.

I’m not sure I can think of a lamer, less creative chant to use on your opponents, but hey, what can you expect from Trump fans?

One might rush to associate this kind of incident with the sentient cheese doodle we elected President and the outburst of racist a-holery that has swept the country since then. You’d be partially, kinda, sorta wrong, though.  (more…)


Canton Filled with Fascists

I’ve long been aware that kids in school don’t have any right to privacy. They can’t go to the bathroom without a little piece of paper that says it’s OK, and though they may not know it, pretty much anything in their possession – including their lockers – can be searched while on school ground. In the post-Columbine days, these sorts of searches became more common place, but then seemed to fade away. Except, apparently, in Canton…(and these towns Southington, Enfield, Coventry, Portland, Windsor Locks and Vernon). (more…)