#Snowpocalypse 2013 — Nemo Survival Stories

Those white lumps? They’re cars.

Nemo, Charlotte, whatever you want to call it, let’s just agree it was a bitch. We hope you and yours got sufficiently boozed up and made it through with power, heat and water and no one was stupid enough to try and venture out.

Saturday, 3:17 p.m. – Asian Persuasion – Manchester: Holy freaking hell, that’s a lot of snow. Last night was insane and we knew we’d be in for it today obviously. We headed out to clear cars and let Tulla play in the snow before our condo’s plow guys showed up around noon. We finished clearing out our cars around 2pm. I can totally understand how people have heart attacks shoveling. I’m pretty sure I almost had one and it made me think I should start exercising more. Don’t worry–I quickly dismissed that thought. The one bad part about being out early to clear off cars in a condo situation is that while you’re done, you’re sitting around waiting for everyone else to finish. Going inside seems stupid since you have to unbundle, only to rebundle in 30 minutes to move your car. This means you then feel the need to help other people. Which also means you are extra sore at the end. But, we did our good deeds and helped our weirdo, creepy, not-so-nice, older Greek neighbor and some guy a few doors down whose wife was studying for school. I will also say that our plow guys were pretty hilarious–going since 2pm yesterday but still smiling with good attitudes and refusing any offers of food or drink despite the fact they had to be running on fumes. Much like their snow blowers.

When we were told to move our cars so the plows could do a swipe through the parking spots, I decided to take a ride around the block. Halfway through, I realized it wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had. Fortunately, the main streets were plowed-ish. I’m sure they were actually plowed at some point, but people were clearing their driveways and all that crap has to go somewhere. In any case, I made it back in one piece but side streets, business parking lots and businesses themselves looked like ghost towns. Crazy. We measured 30-something inches here, but of course with the drifting, it’s hard to tell. The sky’s clear, but it’s blowing around like a mo-fo out there. I think this calls for a nap, or a drink. I’ll admit, I’m a little worried about Anti-Couric who I’m pretty sure has no snow blower, but a driveway that she’s responsible for. If I’m not sure she’s been dug out by Wednesday, I’ll alert proper authorities.

6:20 p.m. – Anti-Couric – East Hartford: I love the snow. I really do, but I don’t own a snowblower… and my shovel broke. Every time I went to hurl a mass of snow, the shovel head would come off with it and go flying into a pile. Awesome.

Eventually I taped the damn thing back together and started working on clearing a path to the car and to the garbage cans. I just didn’t know where else to start. By the time I’d dug a narrow path past the car, my uterus started to go into revolt (ladies you know what I”m talking about) and I couldn’t take it anymore. I went back inside, took a shower, and was making myself a tea when I heard what sounded like a snowblower in front of my house. My neighbor from across the road was snowblowing my sidewalk. I pounded my tea, dried my hair, and put my snow suit back on. I thanked him profusely and then tackled my front walkway. That wasn’t so bad, really. But then I went back to trying to connect the sidewalk to the path I’d started on the driveway. My uterus got angry again.

So I decided that was enough for the day. I’ve got about 3/4 of the driveway still to do…not to mention the enormous pile at the end of the driveway caused by the plows. But that’s gonna have to wait until tomorrow… I need more tea… and to get back to reading the new Dennis Lehane book. I need to know if Emma Gould is alive.