Schadenfreude: The Glastonbury Boathouse

I walk through Glastonbury’s Riverfront Park on a regular basis. Frankly, most of it just gets in my way. You see, I like to park by the community center, put my dog on a retractable leash, and then walk through the fairgrounds while she runs around sniffing goose poop and rolling on dead things. I’ve done this for years. Then, one day, large machines moved in, put up a fence, and started tearing up the land. As it turns out, those machines were building a boat house, a fountain, and a playground so nice it made me consider having kids just so I wouldn’t look like a weirdo climbing all over the equipment.

My dog used to be able to get her ya-ya’s out before we got over to the other (older) part of the park where there are manicured baseball, soccer, and lacrosse fields–and a dog park. Now, though, there seem to constantly be other people walking their dogs, and their children in the area. (At least the kids are mostly kept behind fences…the dogs are often running wild, because leash laws don’t apply to people in Glastonbury.) One day we were swarmed by so many children wanting to pet my dog I nearly had an anxiety attack, and had to blame it on the perfectly happy pup.

On this same day, The Farmer was with me, and as we looked at the boathouse–which is really more of a giant event space, that happens to have a boat launch–we started wondering about all the ways the $12 million dollars (town and state) spent on this thing may have been better used. Here is a small example of the ideas we had:

  • books for kids in under-performing schools
  • trash pick-up for the citizens of Glastonbury
  • teacher salaries
  • a better teen center for the youth of Glastonbury who are plagued with heroin addiction
  • feeding needy children
  • just about anything other than a glorified banquet hall