Join the Women’s March on Hartford

The Trumpocalypse is upon us. Inauguration Day is less than 48 hours away, Connecticut’s senators Dick Blumenthal and Chris Murphy are planning to attend (a questionable decision but as long as they resist when it matter, we’ll let it slide), and we’re still hoping Trump will suffer a panic attack before taking the oath and run screaming from the stage.

On inauguration day I hope to completely ignore the entire affair. It happens to be The Farmer’s birthday (he spent his 30th birthday at Obama’s first inauguration–this year isn’t looking quite as bright) so we’ll be pretending the inauguration isn’t happening. We’ll be doing the New England in January version of this:

(For the record, that entails hot toddies, a parka that fits just right, and a bonfire.)

I hope that you’ll help crush Trump’s ego, turn off the TV, and make sure his ratings are abysmal, but more than that I hope you’ll consider joining the rally in Hartford on Saturday. Get involved!



Do You Care What a RV Dealer Thinks About #BlackLivesMatter?


Way cooler than any RV. 

Have you driven North out of Hartford on 91 lately? Have you noticed the Long View RV jumbotron sign? Well, I have, and it’s really sticking in my craw.

As late as Thursday morning the electronic sign outside the RV dealer, and directly on the side of 91 North, said “All Lives Matter” and something like “Bring America Together.” I actually had to check my rear view mirror to see if I had misread the sign because, Why would a RV dealer be weighing in on politics and the news of the day on a billboard? It makes about as much sense as a failed businessman and trashy reality star running for President of the United States.  (more…)

Election Day: The Scrapper vs. The Brat

It’s almost election day. This means we can all look forward to a time when we can plunk down on our couches for hours at a time without the incessant political ads that give us all indigestion. If you’re like me and use an antenna instead of cable, you may even be lucky enough to get political ads from our neighbor to the north. And I do mean lucky, because at least you can watch those knowing you don’t have to vote for any of the fools behind them.

From The Courant

If you didn’t pick up on it yourself, you have no doubt heard about how acrimonious the race for governor has become. Frankly the candidates hate each other. You can’t really blame them. neither one seems like a nice guy. And at times, they both seem to hate everyone else. But for a while now something has been nagging at me. A few weeks back Tom Foley seemed to take a swipe at Dan Malloy’s skills as a father based on some issues Malloy’s son has had with drugs.

Is this supposed to win Foley points with the common man? Who among us doesn’t have an alcoholic uncle, a crackhead cousin, or a pill-popping brother? You can’t swing a kitchen chair in my family without hitting someone with some issue or another (and we swing a lot of kitchen chairs in our family). I imagine it’s not all that different in most families. So, Tom Foley, are you blaming our family members for the problems of their offspring? What about that failing mental healthcare system you’re so fond of blaming for the Newtown shooting? Do you think that might have something to do with the addiction problems that plague so many of our fellow Nutmeggers?  (more…)

Mapping Connecticut

Lately the internet seems to be into maps. I can’t peruse Facebook or scroll through Twitter without coming across a map announcing something about Connecticut (and all those other states we don’t care about). If you follow us on Facebook, you’ve no doubt seen some of these already. If you don’t follow us on Facebook…something is obviously wrong with you. So, to make it easier on you, we’ve decided to collect those maps here.


I don’t eat a lot of meat, for ethical and health reasons. When I do, I try to make sure someone was nice to that meat until it was killed. That gets expensive, though, so basically I eat a lot of beans, eggs, and smoothies. But even I wasn’t surprised when I saw that Connecticut gets credit for the hamburger. Personally, I’d rather have andouille or whatever is in that taco in Arizona, but at least we didn’t get saddled with SPAM.


VIP Gets Ticket

Apparently, Cathy Malloy was given a ticket for not wearing her seat belt this weekend. She  got caught up in the whole “Click It or Ticket” madness. What’s really surprising is that she actually got a ticket… I mean, what good is being married to the governor if it can’t get you out of a ticket.

You better be careful, police, or Malloy might go all Tea Party on us and start demanding the personal liberty to be ejected from her car is she wants to. It’s in the constitution, damnit!


Tolls & Booze

I don’t know when the last time a government body was able to get so much done…

As if repealing the death penalty wasn’t a big enough accomplishment, a special committee has now approved two of the most annoying topics to come up year after year in our lovely state. Sales of alcohol on Sunday and tolls on Rte 11 still require full approval by the House and the Senate…so maybe my excitement is premature but after years of watching our wheels of government grind to a halt on just about every possible subject, I am trying to be optimistic.

I know my parents’ neighbors will be happy to know that instead their garage stockpile of beer will no longer be raided every Sunday by certain people who can’t remember to get their booze on Saturday… ahem, I’m looking at you Mom.

Dear America: Oil Leaks & Misplaced anger

Dear America,

People are up in arms about the BP oil spill…sort of. Mostly, they seem to be mad at the President, as if he’s supposed to strap on a snorkel and personally fix the leak. Well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed,  but the use of oil and other fossil fuels has been pretty much destroying the earth for decades, and no one –including, probably, you–seems to care. Apparently, neither do many of the residents of America’s gulf region. Most residents favor continued off shore oil drilling, if you can believe that, because they need the jobs. Apparently they’re more concerned with the jobs than respiratory diseases and cancer…because what’s your health worth if you can’t enjoy it by having money to buy crap with? (more…)

Lieberman: Still Hanging On

In the immortal words of the (possibly) retarded Sarah Palin: “Say it ain’t so, Joe.”

Apparently, the Democrats are letting Joe Lieberman keep his spot on the Homeland Security committee and have, instead, taken away his subcommittee chairmanship on the Environment and Public Works Committee. Basically, they probably relievd him of a job he didn’t care about anyway.  (more…)