Canton Students Need a Lesson in Human Decency

cant-unsee-funny-donald-trump-meme-picture-for-whatsappYou may have seen an article in The Hartford Courant detailing the behavior of a bunch of teenage turds from Canton. Here’s the gist:

Kids from Canton chanted “Trump! Trump!”(and even made signs) during a basketball game at their opponents from Classical Magnet School.

I’m not sure I can think of a lamer, less creative chant to use on your opponents, but hey, what can you expect from Trump fans?

One might rush to associate this kind of incident with the sentient cheese doodle we elected President and the outburst of racist a-holery that has swept the country since then. You’d be partially, kinda, sorta wrong, though.  (more…)


Coach Calhoun Takes a Leave of Absence

UConn men’s basketball coach, Jim Calhoun, is taking a indefinite leave of absence from the team due to a condition called spinal stenosis. This won’t be the first time he’s taken a leave from the team . Starting back in 2003, he has missed blocks of games due to issues like prostate cancer and “stress related” issues in 2010.
Calhoun, 69, is not doing well. Just looking up what spinal stenosis is can make your back tighten up reading about it:
Spinal stenosis is narrowing of the spinal column that causes pressure on the spinal cord, or narrowing of the openings (called neural foramina) where spinal nerves leave the spinal column.
Sounds painful. But the obvious question is: why would Calhoun, who has three national titles to his credit, want to continue coaching? He’s made a ton of money and he can retire to the shoreline and live a comfortable life with the time he has left. Hang it up already, what’s the point of killing yourself in a gym anymore?
It might not be that simple. Maybe the stress and grind of a college basketball season is what has been keeping him alive and feisty. He’s a lifer, and without basketball he could be totally lost in life. Sort of like how Joe Paterno all of a sudden died after getting fired from Penn State, despite being sick for a number of years.
There are skeptics who might say he’s taking a few games off due to UConn’s sucking the past few games. (Really, how do they go from winning the national title in 2011 to being unranked right now and being 3-4 in the Big East!? No Kemba Walker, that’s how.) But Calhoun has suffered through other mediocre seasons before and there’s no doubt he would prefer being on the sideline to getting surgery for a serious back problem.
In Calhoun’s absence, longtime assistant George Blaney will take over coaching duties. Maybe he can get Alex Oriakhi to be a more consistent presence by the basket. Seriously, he should be dominating down there! He’s playing too passively.
Anyway, good luck to CT’s favorite curmudgeon, Jim Calhoun. Get better so you can get back to chewing out refs in no time!

Prediction: UConn Won’t Suck

The sports media that covers the Big East Conference made their pre-season predictions for 2010, and with a big shoulder shrug from football fans across Connecticut, they said, “UConn won’t be terrible…or great.”

Predictions have UConn finishing fourth in the conference behind Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and West Virginia. Pitt and Cincy I can understand, but I would put UConn over the recently underperforming West VA for this season. This is a UConn team which returns a lot of starters and key players and could make a legitimate run for the conference title. Sure, they have their question marks (*cough* secondary *cough*) but which team is loaded, top to bottom in the Big East? There isn’t one.

On the brighter side of this prediction: this is the highest any UConn football team has been predicted to finish, ever. Has there ever been a time when finishing fourth seemed like such a win?

The reality is that these pre-season rankings mean nada. They’re a guess at the most. While I’ve never been mistaken for an optimist, I really have a good feeling about this team. They’ve got experience and they’re physical. (Please see the steam rolling of South Carolina last year.) If they can get out of Michigan with a win, which is entirely possible, it would be a huge victory and could set the tone for the rest of the season. It will also mean Michigan Coach Rich Rodriguez will get canned…which I’m ok with.

The rest of the predictions after UConn: Rutgers, South Florida, Syracuse and Louisville.

UConn opens its season at Michigan Sept. 4, 3:30 p.m.

Anti-Couric: The Sports Enthusiast

Bocce anyone?

Some of  you may have heard about my attempts to become a basketball fan. My college years were marred by my lack of interest in basketball. On the UConn campus this basically makes you a pariah. So, this year I decided to start watching the NBA Finals, which, coincidentally, airs on the only channel I get at home. I thought this might help me become a more functioning member of society.

I figured that, because it’s a Lakers-Celtics series, I could at least pick a team. “Go Boston” being one of the few sports phrases that actually rolls off the tongue for me! The first game I barely paid attention to. I think I was playing Zoo Tycoon while watching. The second game, which the Celtics won, was a little better. Ray Allen helped keep my eyes from rolling back in my head. The third game…well…I kind of forgot that was on while engrossed in Season 2 of “LOST” and didn’t come in until about halfway through. I don’t know when Game 4 happened, but I missed it. (more…)

Anti-Couric vs. Prissy Bitch

(Originally Posted Feb 23, 2008)

The Politics of Hockey

by The Anti-Couric

Usually, I’m too busy nosing out breaking news stories and social injustice to be bothered with things like sports, but the Prissy Bitch is always convincing me to do things in the name of journalism that, frankly, I wouldn’t be caught dead doing otherwise. Also, I generally jump at the chance to taunt my cosmo-swilling, pearl-wearing friend and there is no better place to do that than a hockey arena.


The Atlanta Hawks are Moving to Hartford

Originally posted April 24, 2008

by RingNation

You probably haven’t heard that the Atlanta Hawks are moving to Hartford, because I just started the rumor with that headline. So let this be the start of a campaign to get the Hawks out of the Deep South and into the Nutmeg state!

You might be asking yourself, “Why would a franchise move from Atlanta up to Hartford? No in their right mind would do that!” That’s a legitimate objection. After all, isn’t Atlanta a huge city while Hartford is just a blip on the metropolis radar? The answer isn’t quite that simple so allow me to make a four-point case for the dormant Hawks to pack up their jerseys and head up north. (more…)