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Zucchini Thief on the Loose in Stamford

Are you a gardener?

I am.

As soon as it starts to get warm in the Spring I start itching to get outside and turn the barren hellscape of my raised beds after a long winter into a fertile playground. I’ve even joined some gardening groups on Facebook, including one where the members like to grow stuff and share an interest in true crime. So you can imagine the buzz that went through this group when the story broke that some complete and utter monster has stolen a zucchini from a library garden in Stamford… AND REPLACED IT WITH A CUCUMBER!

The news of this heinous crime made it all the way to Jezebel (which I stopped reading a long time ago because it made me hate literally everyone!)




I learned a lot today. First of all, apparently Dylan McDermott (who is so hot it makes me want to weep) is from Connecticut. Waterbury, to be specific. Also, he’s kind of gangster.

Apparently, his mother died when McDermott was on five years old. At the time, the cops ruled her shooting an accident, which–after you read the facts of the case– seems either super shady or like really bad police work. I

So let’s turn to the AP and Yahoo! to get the gist:

A reopened police investigation has concluded that actor Dylan McDermott’s mother was killed in 1967 by her now-dead gangster boyfriend.

Waterbury police reopened the investigation last year into Diane McDermott’s death after Dylan McDermott contacted them with questions, the Republican-American newspaper reported ( ) Sunday and Monday as part of a two-part series.

Despite the gun having been put to the back of he head, and the police for some reason believed Sponza  when he claimed she’d shot herself. Also, the weapon he claimed she used didn’t match her injuries. And apparently, the evidence in this case has led to implicating Sponza in two other murders.

Thug life 4 real!

My friends know I’ve got a thing for thuggish Irish guys, especially ones with dark hair and blue eyes, but I also happen to have a special thing for McDermott because of his role as Leo Fish in one of my favorite movies of all times.

Who knew this handsome fellow with a curious accent lived such a rough life?