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Deer Ruins Many Manicures


Flickr/Kalidas Pavithran

A deer crashed through the window of a nail salon on Whitney Street in Hartford, ruining any number of manicures.(Watch the video on WFSB 3 Connecticut.) Your first reaction might be to wonder what a deer was doing in the busy West End of Hartford, but for me the real question is what did that poor deer see that made it want to jump through a sheet of plate glass? Here are the choices as I see them:

  1. A man with a luxurious mustache carrying his banjo to a front porch jamboree
  2. The Yard Goats Stadium
  3. A drug-related shooting
  4. The cost of a latte at Tisane
  5. A 23-year-old wearing a coat from G. Fox

What is Going on in Hartford’s West End? No Really, Please Tell Us

If you’re my aunt, you probably think every visit to Hartford amounts to taking your life in your hands. This is, of course, not remotely true (the recent rash of shootings not withstanding). Every time I go to Hartford, I’m participating in some sort of Yuppie festival or event where I am the most dangerous person around. (Don’t mess with the East Beat!) Hartford is changing. Don’t believe me? Look at these posts from the West End Living Facebook group (it’s a private group, so all us non-West Enders aren’t allowed to see what they’re up to), and telephone poles:



Front porch poetry slams and country bear jamoborees are not exactly what most people think about when they think about Hartford. And rightly so, because there are plenty of people living in Hartford with much harsher realities than this, but just think about what it would be like to live next door to the porch string band (which may or may not be any good)… Seriously, think about that for a moment… (more…)

Put Your Zip Code to the Test

You know we love maps and what they can tell us about ourselves. We have now found the ultimate in map-related personality tools. If you head over to Esri.com you can put in your zip code and find out a bunch of, probably accurate, stuff about yourself–or at least the majority of people in your neighborhood. For instance, if you live in Hartford’s West End your hood is made up of 25% “Social Security Set”, 22% “Set to Impress”, and 18% “Fresh Ambitions.” What does any of that mean? Have a look:

west end (more…)

Dognapping Drama in Hartford

Nothing strikes fear into my heart like the term “dognapping”! So when WNPR’s breakout star, Chion Wolf, posted on Facebook about someone dognapping Hartford-area resident Stretch, my blood ran cold.


Stretch was allegedly stolen by the dogsitter of all people. I should take a moment to point out that I am currently dogsitting a dog that looks a lot like Stretch (but who is not Stretch) and I will return her to her rightful owner (against the dog’s wishes…she totes loves me) on Saturday. That is what good dogsitters do. (more…)

Live and Let Live: Discord in Hartford’s West End

I have a strange aversion to nice neighborhoods. The thing about living among affluent people — or even the solidly middle class — is that they seem to think what you do with your property is their business, even when it doesn’t affect them. The first time I heard about Home Owners Associations that dictated what kinds of fences you can put up, whether you can put up a fence at all, or where you can put a vegetable garden, I nearly lost my mind. I will plant my vegetable garden in the sun…and if that means in the front yard, OH WELL! When I commit to spending the next 30 years of my life paying off a piece of property, you better believe I’ll do whatever the hell I want with it.

So you can only imagine my reaction to hearing about this story in the West End of Hartford, where the city (and some neighbors) are trying to put an end to a communal living situation happening on Scarborough Street. Eleven people, mostly couples–and a few kids–occupy a mansion bought by two of the occupants. As far as I can tell they haven’t done anything to bother their neighbors other than just living there. (more…)

My Boyfriends Are All At Tangiers

Yes, it’s true. My boyfriends are all at Tangiers. They are not my boyfriends just because they are good looking, well groomed, nice, friendly men (they are), but because they make me delicious food. Ever since Tangiers Market moved to its new location on Farmington Ave. across from Tisane, they’ve been five minutes closer to my office. That five minutes has made all the difference.

The new location is no fancier than the old location, but it seems bigger and brighter. It’s always incredibly clean and well stocked with products from the Middle East and Mediterranean. Think dates and figs, Greek cheeses, falafel, couscous, olive oils, and delicious desserts. They even have bread from the Hartford Baking Company. (more…)

Ichiban: Good food, lousy drunks


Bibim bap in a sizzling stone pot.

This past weekend, The Pilot had his choice of where to go for dinner and he chose Ichiban in the West End of Hartford for some Korean food. Now, I’ve never been much for Korean but even less so after an unfortunate incident of food poisoning in NYC after a Korean BBQ experience. But, we have a deal and I’m not going to back out on that.

It wasn’t too full when we got there–early for a weekend dinner around 6:30 p.m. The first thing we noticed at our table (waaayyy in the back, by the bathroom and fish coolers) was that on the plastic frame for the drinks was a smooshed, dead fly. Some patron must have killed the pest and just left it. When we gave it over to our waiter, he didn’t bat an eyelash. (more…)